From a very young age in Bogota, I was very curious about martial arts, their elegance, their beauty, their ability to bring discipline and order to a typically chaotic adolescent life, so following my instincts, at 16, I started crossing the world.
My first stop, Madrid, in 2005, where I had my first official approach to the world of MuaiThai, I remember that it was a small neighbourhood Gym to which I became a regular assistant, I practiced for hours to improve and perfect my movements, two years passed until I met the eminence.

Rafi Zouheir, who at the time was already a Muaythai world champion and coach of great champions, under his tutelage, I managed to obtain three national titles, in the course of three years. Just as I also discovered my vocation at the end of 2008, when I began to train a small group of teenagers in the same neighbourhood.

This raised in me the possibility of going further, of taking the next step in my life, so at the end of 2009 I made my first training trip to Bangkok, Thailand where I decided to stay living the life of a "Nak Muay" fighter. consolidating my discipline and technique. After just over a year I moved to Koh Samui, and with the hand of the legend Nokwed Davy, I trained, lived and competed with some of the best fighters in the world at that time, getting a world title in 2012 and an intercontinental WMC Title. "one of the most desired titles worldwide" in Thailand in 2018.

During those years I traveled around the country learning more every day, improving my techniques as a fighter and my tools as an instructor, having the immense fortune to share moments with both coaches and world-class fighters, taking the opportunity to certify me three times as a coach before the most important sports entities in the world. For the year 2017 I decided to move to Brussels, Belgium to continue my training and the work of spreading the art of MuaiThai, founding the Vendetta Team Belgium and starting another new life project.

One of which and most important is to teach all kinds of people regardless of age, sex or origin this beautiful art, making it their objective, either at a competitive level or simply learning, this, based on an assessment of all the aspects and needs of each one to help you achieve your goals.

During these last years I have had the wonderful opportunity to reach hundreds of people by changing their perspective on MuaiThai and at the same time helping to change and improve their lifestyle in some way, likewise, the experience that I have acquired during all these years of career is invaluable and my mission is to share it with everyone who wants to learn.