Why Muay Thai? Some advantages and motives.

1.Change your view on sports

Sports is not only a great way to lose weight and getting fit but is mentally relaxing and in the same time challenging. Let me take you through the several benefits that come with this martial art named Muay Thai. When doing muay thai, your body and mind gets challenged. You have to practice to kick well, you have to practice your punches, to be able to punch right. To train the techniques, you have to have the patient and the motivation to learn when training, these techniques will get better over time and will be stored in your memory. In the trainings we often get paired with a partner and we learn also another one’s style, as everyone has its own. This Muay Thai style you will recognize over time. As there are Nak Muays who are more technical, others who are more into the speed or more focused on legs. To get back on the challenges, these trainings ask your mental concentration and motivation. The feeling after training is always a reward, because you have been pushing yourself and that will make you feel amazing, even though you are dripping in sweat. This isn’t just a sport then to keep you busy or to make you sweat, but a gift you can grant yourself to change your view on how well you can challenge and push your limits for this beautiful form of martial art.

2. Feel good and comfortable in your skin, gain confidence

As this is a sport both men and women nowadays practice, both genders can profit this advantage when you start training Muay Thai. A huge gain in confidence comes paired with a healthy dose of humbling. Sometimes you don’t start off with confidence, especially when you grew up being a more introverted, struggling with identity kid. What doesn’t go unnoticed is the fact that when you train and push your limits you see what amazing things you can do with your body and mind. It is not only about fighting, but the way you do it. This does not mean you will have to use it, this also doesn’t mean that you have to become a Muay Thai fighter, but just by attending the classes and being involved, you can boost your confidence and shift views about yourself. You feel good when you do something from the heart. So if this sport is for you, you will definitely feel this deeply within. A sense of curiosity, adrenaline rushes throughout your entire body, because you want to know more, you want to thrive to learn this art better. This is how you know. This is also how you will feel comfortable as you finally found that one hobby or goal you didn’t know you were searching for.

3. Meet people with the same passion

One of the most beautiful parts in this journey is meeting other Nak Muays along your journey. When you train and get involved in a team, you start creating a bond with the people, with your trainer. These unique experiences and meetings are unforgettable. You might have found your tribe. Those you can go to Muay thai Events, train outside with and even hang out with outside the gym. You help each other get better and this process is beautiful to witness.

4. Change your relationship with food

Whether you want to get fit or become a fighter, both mental and physical part have to be on point. So you can say you will get more triggered to change your lifestyle and diet. You begin to see the difference in performance and endurance once your diet has been cleaned up. This will lead to motivating you and creating a self-discipline. So those who weren’t aware of how they were eating will definitely want to consider changing this. Mental health also can be improved by only a diet change mixed with training in a consistent way. Eating well isn’t only a medicine and important part of life to live well, but also helps in your trainings and performance.

5. Feeling off, sweat some

Often when you are on your own life journey, things can get wobbly, off course this is a part of life, we have to learn to let these moments flow through. One thing that definitely can help is taking your gym bag and going to the Muay thai class that day. There just is something about giving your energy out on a boxing bag. Also seeing your teammates and being in that environment, you kind of just forget everything outside for a bit. It is therapeutic you can say. A huge mental help. We all have our own story, our unique life path, purpose, there might be days you find harder, I definitely recommend sweating, in a beautiful yet aggressive way, which also is called the art of 8 limbs, Muay Thai. Then feel the stress hormones lowering and the joy hormones flowing through your sacred body.

6. Your child is always welcome

 As much as we love to train, it is always a pleasure teaching someone else, especially children and adolescents, they are the next generation always, we might as well help them become a better one. Muay Thai helps kids, it disciplines them, just like any martial art can do. With the right teachings, your kid can not only start a healthy relationship with his body through sport but can grow up with a different kind of mindset. Muay Thai is all about not giving up, learning takes time, discipline. Not to forget it boosts confidence, kids need that too, especially the shyer ones.